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The Secret Recipe to Being a Coomera Springs Student


​So what does it take to be a boastful student at Coomera Springs and what are the secret ingredients.  Well to name but a few of the ingredients - safety, understanding, helpfulness, perparedness, love of learning, good choices, school pride, punctuality, responsibilty and hard work.  Here is the secret recipe that the students of 1B has developed for us.

1.  Start with a healthy individual and add cups of kindness, friendliness, playfulness, honesty, generosity, creativity, humour, helpfulness and a heaped spoonful of happiness.

2.  Slowly add in tablespoons of safety, preparedness, good organisation, common sense, patience and a dash of being able to challenge yourself and mix these well.

3.  Mix in cups of respectfulness adding in tablespoons of good sportsmanship, listening skills, responsibility, some individuality and independence are added here with a double serving of understanding.

4.  Add tablespoons of a love of learning mixed with knowledge, hard work, puntuality and the ability to set goals and make good choices.

5.  Mix these together adding in teaspoons of school pride until mixture is smiling.